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Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Fred Imler II

August of 2018 - Duncansville, Pa. USA

I hunted with Fire Mountain Outfitters for Stone Sheep August 2018. I had booked the hunt several Years before at the Sheep Show in Reno. I had talked to many Stone Sheep Outfitters over the Years. I dreamed of harvesting a Stone Sheep, but after I would talk to an Outfitter, I would just not feel like it was for me. I met a Guy on the floor of the Show while getting a soda, He said come with me, he introduced me to Rena and Brandon. In the first few minutes of our conversation, I felt extremely comfortable. I booked the hunt within the hour and started counting the days. Eveything they promised me was spot on. From the pick up in whitehorse till my drop off after the hunt, was exactly how they promised. I had the privelage of Taylor their 10yr old Daughter going on our Her first Sheep hunt with me. What a tough young lady, never a whimper about the long days, long horse back rides or long hikes. she is a trooper, but I would expect that of Rena and Brandon's Family as I got to know them.They both Grew up in the Bush with lots of experience in Outfitting and Guiding. The hunt was fantastic. Horses were outstanding, Facilities were amazing for wilderness camps, and their personell were so accomodating. I harvested My Stone Sheep on the 12th day, A dream come true. These people run a top notch Outfitting Business. I would be pleased if they gave you my information if You have any questions. Brandon and Rena are two of the finest people I have ever met. And Taylor is one remarkable Young Lady.

Bob hanewich

2016-2017 - Spruce grove alberta

In 2016 and 2017, I hunted with Fire Mountain Outfitters. Prior to 2016 I hunted with other outfitters in BC and Northern Manitoba and been hunting for over 35 years. Using my past experiences I would rate FMO as the best I have used to date. I was successful on both hunts, but my rating is based on the hunting area,guides,camps and days of actual hunting. The area is great(total wildnerness), guides wranglers and horses were experienced and trustworthy,camps were comfortable and food very good. Brandon and Rena provided a great hunting experience and both do their best to meet your expectations. I highly recommend arranging a hunt with these folks.

Bill Burton

Why I would hunt with them again

I was introduced to Brandon and Rena Ponath at the SCI convention February 2016.  Dr. Alden Glidden the chapter president of the Southern Oregon chapter did the introduction.  On the way to their booth he told me what an outstanding guide and outfitter both Brandon and Rena are.

After meeting both of them, in five minutes I knew I wanted to go on a Sheep Hunt with them.  We made the finale arrangements in May and set the date for the late August.  Both were very good about keeping in touch with me.  They answered all my questions immediately, by phone or email.

Upon arrival at Whitehorse they had a person there at the airport to meet me. Then off to their ranch.  I flew out the next morning and arrived at the trail head. Waiting on the dock was Tanner Chappell, the best guide I have ever hunted with.  The horses were ready to go and after eight hours we arrived at the Stone Sheep hunting area.  That evening we spotted numerous rams, ewes, and lambs, plus a Boone and Crocket Mountain Caribou.  The next morning went up on the mountain spotted a big based eleven year old ram.  After a fun stock and a 350 yard shot, the sheep went down. I was also lucky enough to kill a really nice Moose later in the hunt.

I am still dreaming about the huge Caribou and talking to Brandon about another hunt for 2018.  I would strongly Recommend Brandon and Rena if you want a fantastic hunting experience for Sheep, Moose, Goat, and Caribou.  The guides are awesome; the food which Rena prepared was exceptional.  The horses were solid & sure footed.    We stayed in a good outfitters tent for the sheep hunt, and finished the hunt in a very nice cabin on a lake and fished every day. The scenery was remarkable.  If you would like to contact me about the trip please feel free to email me at bburton@safariclub.org or call me 970 389 3771

Mark Chupp

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my hunt. The flight in, the horses, camp, and meals were outstanding. Austin and Garrett worked hard ensuring I had a chance at the great goat I harvested. The amount of game that we saw was impressive. I can't wait to come back and try for one of the many Mountian caribou, sheep and Grizzly that we saw. I highly recommend Fire Mountain Outfitters to anyone looking to book the mountain hunt of their dreams.

Marvin Bell

Duncan, MS

I couldn't have been happier about my experience at Fire Mountain Outfitters. Brandon and Rena made us feel like we were good friends, not just clients. We hunted with father and son guide duo Austin and Sam Siemens. It was obvious from the moment we landed that these guys were passionate about hunting. I was able to harvest a great bull on the second morning of the hunt with my guide Austin. My friend got another nice bull on day five of our ten-day hunt. It was a wonderful experience and our guides went out of their way to make sure we had the hunt of a lifetime. We look forward to chasing more animals with Fire Mountain in the future.

Jim Wiedeman

Russellville, AR

I did a 10 day lake hunt for Moose with Fire Mountain Outfitters. This is a family operation run by Brandon and Rena Ponath and they seem to take a personal interest to see that their clients have a successful hunt and a memory to last a lifetime. From the beginning the communication was excellent with Rena sending me all the necessary paper work to get my firearm into the country and Brandon answering any questions I had about the hunt. He put me in contact with a meat processor that took care of getting the meat to me in three days and still froze solid when it arrived at my home. He also has a taxidermist in Montana that came to the Ranch in Atlin and picked up my horns and cape and brought them back across the U.S. border and packed them to be shipped to my home. I was picked up at Whitehorse, YT Airport and taken to the Ranch in Atlin, then I was picked up in a float plane and taken to a remote lake in Northern BC. I seen a huge bull moose the first day, saw 4 other bulls and killed my moose on the 4th day.  My guide Sam took care of preparing the meals as well as finding the quality of moose I was looking for. This was a great hunt with great people who I would highly recommend for a Canadian Moose Hunt.

Tyler Lisonbee


Thanks so much for the awesome Moose hunt and an amazing experience. We had such a great time and enjoyed your family as well.  This was our second time hunting with them after a successful mountain goat hunt the year before.  It was great to have Hens Henrick aka “Denmark", with us in camp and he did such a great job helping with my dads moose and guiding me to my moose. We saw lots of animals and beautiful country. I hope I can come back and shoot a Stone sheep soon! Thanks for the wonderful adventure, I would recommend it to anyone. Just wish I was the one coming every year.

Bruce Roumell


I first met and started hunting with Brandon and Rena Ponath in 2010.  I’ve done 4 hunts with them and had the very good fortune taking seven North American big game animals with them.  I never rate a hunt on whether I took an animal or not, that’s just the bonus of it.  But on the total experience of the hunt and I can tell you these four hunts have been some of the greatest experiences of my life.  I've taken Two moose, a grizzly and black bear, stone sheep, mountain goat and mountain caribou on those hunts. I would be happy to visit with anyone about the hunts and experiences with Fire Mountain Outfitters any time. I guarantee I will be hunting with them again in the future.
Brandon and Rena are some of the finest people and experienced outfitters I've had the privilege of hunting and becoming great friends with.

Dave Branzell

Arlington, TX

I have wanted a Mountain Caribou for a long time. With the help of Fire Mountain Outfitters, I fulfilled that dream with a record book animal!  I am a firm believer that the experience is as important as taking an animal.  This hunt did not disappoint. The guides and wranglers in my camp were the best, very hard working and knowledgeable of the area.  With Fire Mountain Outfitters first year in this area so successful, it is only going to get better.  Food was incredible, first time that I have gained weight on a hunt.  One wrangler stood out, Garrett, who should have his guide license soon, and anyone that gets him will have a great guide!  Thanks to Brandon and Rena for a great hunt and a great time. Hope to hunt with FMO again soon.

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